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crumb tag both sides Discount Applied: FREE Our solid aluminium tag is packed with technology that keeps your pet safe.
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When your tags arrive... Once you have scanned and set up your Crumb tags, upgrade to Premium for as low as £2.95/month to activate all of the features that keep your pet safe.


How does the tag work?
Each tag features a unique QR code on the back which links to your pet's profile. The profile contains all of the necessary information to get your pet returned safely to you, which you'll set up after your tag arrives in the post.
Is the tag safe?
If you'd prefer, the information on your pet's profile can be completely anonymized so that you keep complete privacy.
How much does it cost?
For now, we are offering our tag completely free to all pet owners. We only charge a small fee of £2.95 for delivery, but it'll be dispatched the same day if you order before 4pm on a weekday. To activate the tag and our ongoing pet safety service, we only charge £2.95 per month.
Which pets can use the tag?
Any pet with somewhere to attach the tag! A collar ideally...
How does it work with multiple pets?
If you have more than one pet you want to protect with our tags you can set them up under 1 account with Crumb. Just order as many tags as you need and follow the simple setup instructions. With our Premium Plus plan, you can link an unlimited amount of pets to your account.